Funeral Planning

One of the first suggestions we can make for anyone undertaking their estate planning is to discuss your plans for your funeral with your children. You then need to sit down with your Funeral Director and sort out the exact details of your funeral Plan. Often, you will find that there are alternatives that you were not aware of. The most important element throughout all of the planning should be to keep in mind that this should be a Celebration of Life. With this in mind, you need to look at what can be done to make this a very personal arrangement.

There is no longer a certain standard or protocol to funerals that must be followed. Things such as the clothes to be worn, the music which will be played, and the order of the service can and should be arranged to reflect the individual’s lifestyle.

You will need to decide on such things as your wishes for Burial or Cremation, the amount of visitation to be held, whether the service is to be in a Church or at the Funeral Home, if you want a Eulogy and, if so, who might give it, whether you want music sung during the service or simply played. These and many other matters need to be considered and dealt with during the pre-arrangement.

Once the arrangements are more or less complete, the Funeral Director will be able to quote the cost for these services, and then the decision can be reached as to the pre-payment of the Funeral. Naturally, things can be left simply as a pre-arrangement, but the alternative is to pre-pay the Funeral expenses. This can be accomplished by simply paying the quoted amount and having the money trusted. The other method, one which is fast becoming the more widely accepted method, is to use an insurance plan to cover the expenses. Whichever method you chose, you will receive a guaranteed Funeral Contract that will assure you that you will never have to pay more at the time of need. This is probably the most important reason that people choose to pre-pay. The other reason is that you also have an option, if you use Insurance, to pay over a period of up to ten years.

You may also want to finance the Funeral Arrangements of any dependents who are unable to do so for themselves.