Charitable Foundations

You and Your Estate – How Donations Make a Difference

Please remember that a legacy is an outstanding quality or contribution by which a person’s life is remembered. Many times individuals will leave important legacies to those organizations which will carry on their work or interests.

There are numerous ways to make sizeable contributions to health care and education in Peterborough. No single method is right for every individual or family. In return for this measure of support, we have a major responsibility to help donors make gifts that are in their best long-term financial interest. Consideration must be given to an individual’s circumstances, age at the time of the gift, tax bracket and future financial needs.

Local charities and their professional advisors are committed to educating the community about the importance of Estate Planning.

A gift to a local charity is an investment in the quality of life for yourself, your family, your friends and for generations to come. Please make a Legacy Gift so that we can do more, so that we can do better and so that we can continue to be worthy of your support.