Things to consider when thinking about your estate plan and how your bank can help

  • Where is your Will? Does your executor know where it is?
  • Is it in your safety deposit box? Does your executor know where the key is?
  • How many banks do you deal with? Now is the time to start to consolidate.
  • What bills need to be paid right away? Your bank can help with this.
  • Do your executors know about your affairs? Who knows how complicated your affairs may be when you are no longer here to point them in the right direction.
  • Confirm the beneficiaries on any RSP’s or RRIF’s to be sure that they are still whom you want.
  • Who is to manage your ongoing assets until the estate is settled?
  • Do your executors know that they are your executors? Don’t surprise them.

A visit to your bank now to talk about these and other issues, like joint accounts and probate fees, will save a lot of time and aggravation later.